Our Vision

Our vision is to be the “go-to-tool” for all parents who struggle with getting their children to eat. Through POOW, parents are given a tool that motivates the child to eat the food on the plate & to try new flavors. The result of using POOW is a peaceful mealtime situation for the whole family. 63% of all children who use POOW eat more and better food, and in 100% of cases, a more peaceful meal situation is created when POOW is used.

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The People Behind the Application

philip fransson poow the food hero

Philip Fransson

Co-Founder / Ceo

kristian enkvist poow the food hero

Kristian Enkvist

Co-Founder / COB

Magnus Äng

Co-Founder / Marketing

Björn Cronzell

Co-Founder / Creative

elin klitte poow the food hero

Elin Klitte


Per-Magnus Madsen Espgård

Co-Founder / COB

Angela Ye

Content Creator

Sara Boras

Intern Business Development

Rekha Kumari

Business Development India

Daniel Corominas

Business Development Spain


Super Hero /Co-Founder

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More About POOW!

The beggining...

It all started when Björn Cronzell´s son Jonatan was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.5. The diagnosis meant a huge change in Björn´s family. One of the larger problems was that Jonatan did not want to eat. They went to a specialist dietician but without success. We now know that one in five children, with or without underlying diagnoses, have eating difficulties during their childhood.

Most children with eating-problems want to eat, but they need a concrete reason to do so. Therefore, Björn began to draw a world of the POOW. A world filled with adventures where Jonatan & POOW together could do different missions. Through this method, Jonatan got a reason to start eating, and the problem was solved. Björn then came up with the idea to transfer this method to an
mobile application, so that other parents could help their children with different types of eating difficulties.  

Together with the rest of the team, Björn´s idea have come to life through the app POOW the Food Hero. Today, It´s hard to believe that Jonatan once had difficulty eating. He is a different person today, and a big reason behind that is his varied diet.

The Future...

In February 2021, POOW Applications AB was acquired by Health Capacity AB with the the goal of developing POOW and making the product more commercial. Philip Fransson, CEO & Co-Founder of Health Capacity himself struggled as a child with eating difficulties. Through the acquisition, Philip saw the opportunity to help children around the world to get out of the same struggles he had as a child.

Through a successful seed round, we developed POOW 3.0. The new version went live in November 2021 and was marketed via selected influencers and our social media channels. In 2022 POOW 4.0 was launched.

POOW 4.0 includes the well-functioning feature” the eating game” which motivates children to eat more food and try new flavors. In POOW 4.0 you will also find the nutrition game. This game teaches children about nutrition as they through a fun game can build different meals. In addition to this, POOW 4.0 also contains a recipebank to save time and energy for parents in everyday life. The recipes are child and family-friendly and activate the whole family in the cooking. The result of these three functions together is a calm and peaceful mealtime situation.