For Preschools


For Preschools

App Features!

Use the app in your preschool for a better mealtime situation for children and teachers.


Nutrition Game

Let your child build meals in the nutrition game. The child will learn how a meal can be composed through all parts of the nutrition circle. 

The eating game

Through the eating game and with the help of POOW, your child gets motivated to try new flavours and eat the food on the plate. 

Family Recipes

In our recipe bank you will find +70 uniquely created recipes for families who have a child with eating problems. 

Structure of the pilot project

Leanth: 3 Months
Cost: No Cost


We provide you with an iPad & App free of charge.


We train your employees in how to use the app and how it works.


We are available to you during the project.

Feedback & Workshop

At the end of the project, we set up a workshop to develop the app together.

Book a meeting!

We are looking for preschools that want to
participate in our pilot project during the spring & and fall of 2023. We want to investigate whether our tool can also create value in a preschool environment, where the app is used by the child and a preschool teacher. Book a meeting with us in the calendar below and we will tell you more!

Support & Collaborations

Over the years